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Project title:
Open-Source Master Key (OMK)

This project will produce an open source master key system generator
equivalent to current commercial products.

In it's initial phase, this project will not produce a key management system,
merely an automated tool to generate key depths etc. perhaps as an
additional release, a key management tool could be added.

There will be a requirement for a file format for the import/storage
of data such as keying depths/macs etc, including standardised identifiers
for manufacturers. example: delimited or fixed width file format
with the ability to include I.C. locks, rotating pins (corbin-russwin/medeco)

Proposed Duration:
12 months

Project advantages:
1) Lockies will have access to free, high quality master key system generator.
2) A standard for storing key depth information will have been developed that
can potentially be used for other comercial products
3) Project and software has funky Three letter acronym which rolls off the

Preliminary Specs:
- Must be able to import standardised file types (to be developed) containing
keying data. file format changes to be managed by project team.

- Must allow manual entry of keying information.

- Must be able to create a printable sheet for the master key system generated

- Must allow transfer of data into common spreadsheeting products.

- interface must be user friendly and proffessional looking.

- include options for customisation of MK system rules such as "all master keys
must have cuts higher than lower level change keys" (to prevent filing down
a change key to make a master key etc). LogoSupport This Project
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